Our Beginning

The Tulsa Health Department's It's All About Kids (IAK) School Health Program started in 2004 and continues to serve our community. The program was recognized as a Model Practice in 2008 and 2019 by the National Association for City and County Health Officials (NACCHO.)

Our Mission

To improve overall health and academic achievement of Tulsa County school-aged children in collaboration with students, schools, and the community by aligning learning and health through comprehensive nutrition and health education.

Our Purpose

To improve the quality of life among Tulsa County children by increasing knowledge, shaping attitudes, and modeling behaviors in a positive and healthy way.

Our Foundation

IAK aligns with the CDC's Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model by providing programming, services, or resources in all 10 component areas of the model. The relationship between education and health is evident therefore, the WSCC model combines learning and health rather than focusing on each separately. The child is placed in the center to emphasize the primary focus of the WSCC model. Parents, schools, and communities work collaboratively around the child to improve health and academic achievement.

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  • "In my 15 years in TPS (majority of which have been in 5th grade) this was by far the BEST presentation I have seen for 5th grade human growth and development. Our instructor made all information incredibly accessible for the girls to understand. She was also very kind and understanding with questions that were asked."

    Human Growth & Development
        5th Grade Girls
        Mayo Demonstration
        Tulsa Public School
  • "I love that the Conflict Resolution lesson reiterated the same Social Emotional Learning lessons that I teach in class through our leadership habits. The kids really connected to the lesson because of that and were using language like, win-win or lose-lose."

    — Conflict Resolution
        5th Grade
        Broken Arrow Public School

  • "I work with my students constantly when it come to conflict resolution. The presenter brought the topic to the class with a fresh voice and the students really responded well to her. I have used several of the techniques previously, but the way she explained it, I think will really help the students understanding in the future."

    --Conflict Resolution
       3rd Grade
       Broken Arrow Public School


  • "The Health Education and Promotion Specialist presented the girls information very well and the education gained by the students was very high. She explained things well so they understood. I loved how she tied it all together and made all the girls feel very comfortable in teaching this subject."


    -- Human Growth and Development
       5th Grade Girls
       Sand Springs Public School