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School Challenge Program
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Fitness in the Classroom
Handwashing/Don’t Bug Me Assembly (K-2nd)

In this, 20 minute, assembly style presentation students will learn how to prevent the spread of germs.  The assembly provide a demonstration on proper hand washing, the proper way to cover a cough or sneeze, what to do with a used Kleenex and the importance of throwing things in the trash, not at the trash.

Check out Professor Penelope Iak and Louie Achooee teaching Don't Bug Me to students from Deborah Brown Community School!

Hygiene (3rd-4th)

Students will learn the importance of good personal hygiene in order to keep healthy. Topics covered include: hand washing, bathing, washing hair, using deodorant, nail care, and dental hygiene.

Handwashing/Don't Bug Me (K-2nd)
Human Growth & Development (5th)

Students will be separated by boys and girls for this lesson.  For best practices, we will only have 25-30 students per session.  The curriculum used to teach from  is P&G's Always Changing program.  Schools are able to request kits and pamphlets from P&G to send home with students after the lesson.  The videos used to teach the lesson can be viewed on the P&G School Programs website.  A pretest and 60-day post-test are required for this lesson. 

Hygiene (3rd-5th)
Tobacco & Vaping Prevention (3rd-5th)

Students will learn about different types of tobacco, the harmful chemicals in tobacco, types of vaping products, the harmful effects these products have on the body, and provides students with strategies to stay away from tobacco and vaping products.  For 4th grade students, a pretest and 60-day post-test are required for this lesson.

Tobacco Prevention (3rd-5th)
Drugs and Your Heart Assembly (5th)

In this , 45 minute, assembly style presentation students will learn how the heart works, the importance of the heart for continued life and health, and the effects drugs can have on the heart. A real cow’s heart is used in the discussion.

Drugs and Your Heart (5th - 6th)
Dental Health (1st-5th)

Students will learn proper dental hygiene. Topics covered in this lesson include: proper brushing technique, proper flossing technique, cavities, plaque, and the functions of teeth.  For 4th grade classes, a pretest and 60-day post-test are required for this lesson.

Tooth Fairy Assistant (K)

For kindergarten students, the Tooth Fairy’s Assistant visits the classroom for a 30 minute presentation.  Students will learn proper brushing techniques.