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Fitness in the Classroom
It's All About Kinesthetics (3rd-5th)

It's All About Kinesthetics is a 12 week after school program for 3rd-5th grade students.  The program is able to enroll 25 students per semester.  Students will participate in functional fitness workouts and games that correspond with the skill work focus of the week.  Students will learn the importance of a warm-up and cool down, 5 body systems, how to be physically active at their own skill level, and the importance of stretching.  A written pre- and post-test are required for this program.  A physical fitness test is also required.  The physical fitness test included: push-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach, and PACER.   

Fitness in the Classroom
Cooking Club (3rd-5th)
Cooking Club is a 10 week after school program or, two 5 week sessions per semester, for 3rd-5th grade students.  The program is able to enroll 15 students per session. Students will participate in weekly in-class discussions and hands-on cooking designed to increase their knowledge on MyPlate including the components of a well-balanced diet and where important nutrients can be found in food sources.  Students prep, prepare, and consume several different food items and snacks.  In addition, students will also learn about food science including acid/base reactions in food, fat conjugation, and the purpose of ingredients in some of our most common dishes.  Finally, students will be able to utilize their most basic education skills such as reading/comprehension, math, writing, and critical thinking.  A written pre- and post-test are required for this program. 

Fitness in the Classroom
Bully Busters Assembly (K-2nd)
IAK is proud to partner with the Tulsa Drillers to bring your school the Bully Busters Assembly!  In this 45 minute assembly style presentation students will  learn the 5 steps to become a Bully Buster. There will be music, moving, and fun!  The assembly will take place in your school's gymnasium.

Fitness in the Classroom
Bike Club
IAK partners with the Bike Club to provide after-school programming.  This program teaches students to ride bikes, work on cycling skills, life skills, STEM, and off-campus riding experiences.  The students who complete the program earn a bicycle and helmet.  Please contact Bike Club to learn more about this great program!

Fitness in the Classroom
University of Oklahoma College of Nursing

Every year IAK dietitians partner with the University of Oklahoma's College of Nursing to bring nutrition education to K-5th graders using the concepts from CATCH Nutrition.  The CATCH program is an immersive nutrition and physical activity program that has been teaching children tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle for over 25 years.  The complete program is an 18 lesson curriculum that has in-school, after school and take home activities.  The IAK dietitians have condensed these materials into a week-long version.  The OU nursing students are trained in the materials then teach the concepts using a combination of hands on activities, stories, songs and active play to reinforce the concepts.  The elementary students receiving the lessons are pre- and post-tested.

Fitness in the Classroom
Stay Active OK

As a response to the emergence of COVID-19, a collective of Tulsa community partners created Stay Active OK.  The website is a resource of fun games and activities families can use to keep active while schools are closed during the pandemic.  



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